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Welcome to Southeast Growers where we supply the best interior quality plants and palms, nationwide and internationally. We have over 3,000 pictures on our website come in and take a look.




997 East 7th Street, Pahokee, FL 33476

    Currently, growing in the ground at our Pahokee location is over 50,000 tropical trees and palms from 10 to 30 feet, depending on the species and varieties of the plant. All plants are trimmed 3-5 times per year, fertilized with organic polymer coated 12-6-8 with minor elements three times per year, hand dug and burlapped. After digging we place all plants in our overhead watered holding area.

      We can meet any city landscape code or landscape architect specifications, with single trunk, single leader trees carrying a Florida grade of #1 or Florida Fancy. Check out our most common grown varieties with sizes available and priced per foot. We also have other unusual varieties and rare species listed. Please e-mail, Fax or call for additional information, pricing and availability. Pictures of plant material are available by simply contacting us.







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13951 50th Street South / Wellington, FL 33414


    Thousands of containerized tropical trees and palms are acclimating in our three shade houses to insure full acclimated canopies and well developed root systems.

    We provide trees and palms for Zoo's, Butterfly exhibits, botanical gardens any can assist with special themes such as African, Asian, Australian, Amazonian, Madagascar, and Oceanic.

    At our Wellington location we maintain an inventory of over 2,000 trees and palms available in containers outside for exterior or interior use. These are of masterwork trees and palms quality and unusual in size or shape and there are also many rare species or varieties. All plants are individually priced. Please e-mail, Fax or call for additional availability, and pricing.

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Southeast Growers, Inc.

13951 50th Street South

Wellington, FL 33414

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